Israeli diplomat's son attacked over sausage debate in Florida jail

19-year-old Avraham Gil had gone to Miami-Dade County jail to update his mug shot. For running over the officer, he was confined to house arrest.
Last Updated 02 March 2024, 14:49 IST

A teenager son of an Israeli diplomat was arrested after he ran over a police official with his bike on January 27.

19-year-old Avraham Gil had gone to Miami-Dade County jail to update his mug shot in this case in which he was confined to house arrest.

According to WPLG, Avraham indulged in an argument with another inmate named Blake Elvis Ermus, aged 32, who then attacked Avraham, as reported by New York Post.

Ermus has been in jail for misdemeanor domestic battery charge case.

Apparently, they were having a conversation about sausages and its ingredients.

The updated mugshot pictures, taken on the day Avraham was beaten, showed the difference in his expressions. In the latest one, he could be seen sad and crying.

Explaining the incident in which Avraham was arrested, the injured police officer said, "Just had a motorcycle come and run me over. I’ve got one subject in custody," in an audio received by Local10.

Maimi New Times reported that the reason the 19-year-old drove rashly is because "he hates waiting behind traffic."

Talking about Gil's family background, he is the son of Eli Gil, the consul for administration at the Israeli Consulate in Miami.

In a statement given by the US State Department to NBC Miami, they said that "the Department is aware of this incident. We can confirm that, as the dependent of an Israeli consular officer, the concerned individual is not entitled to civil or criminal immunity."

(Published 02 March 2024, 14:49 IST)

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