Girl aims at most number of rolls in 'Dhanurasana'

Girl aims at most number of rolls in 'Dhanurasana'

A file photo of Tanushree Pitrody performing 'Nirlambha Poorna Chakrasana.'

Tanushree Pitrody, who entered the Guinness Book of Records for completing 42 rounds of ‘Nirlambha Poorna Chakrasana’ (full body revolution while maintaining the chest stand position) in one minute in April 2018, is aiming for another record.

A Class V student of St Cecily’s Higher Primary School in Udupi, Tanushree this time is aiming for a record by performing most number of rolls in one minute in ‘Dhanurasana’ posture at a programme in St Cecily’s School on February 23.

Tanushree’s father Uday Kumar said that during practice sessions she was able to do 50 rolls. He said that doing rolls in ‘Dhanurasana’ was a challenging task.

In 2017, Tanushree had created a record in the ‘One-minute Miracle’ category, by performing 19 ‘Nirlambha Poorna Chakrasana’ at Lions Bhavan in Udupi.

The feat was acknowledged by Golden Book of World Records. The previous record was held by one Kushi of Mysuru, who had performed 15 ‘Nirlambha Poorna Chakrasana’ in a minute.

Tanushree also learned dance when she was three-and-a-half-years old.

She has to her credit over 342 stage shows across the state.