Youth clash outside pub in M'luru

Youth clash outside pub in M'luru

A clash between two groups was reported outside a pub at Balmatta Junction on late Friday night.

Certain customers who visited the pub in an inebriated condition engaged in a skirmish with each other. 

In the melee, a few people were assaulted with helmets and knocked down on the road. Mangaluru East (Kadri) police have booked a case of group clash.

“Many youths visited the pub on Friday. There was a clash between two groups inside the pub. The bouncers drove them out of the pub. On coming out, the group engaged in a scuffle with each other. The young women ran helter-skelter in fear. A mob gathered near Balmatta Junction to witness the fight,” said police. 

Police led by ACPs Sudheer Hegde, Madan Gaonkar rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. 

Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil directed his officers to obtain CCTV camera recordings from the spot for investigations. “The CCTV cameras installed by the police and those in the pub were not clear,” said a police officer. 

Reacting to the incident Patil said that a meeting of bar and pub owners would be convened shortly. “Notices will be served to them to take precautionary measures ensure such incidents don’t recur,” he assured.