AAP to woo rural voters in Gurgaon

AAP to woo rural voters in Gurgaon

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) working committee for Gurgaon held a meeting on Sunday at its office in sector 4 Gurgaon. At the meeting, all members felt that the party must expand its base in rural areas and there must be a minimum of two AAP representatives in every village if not more.

A very sincere attempt must be made to give the youth and women prominent and important positions in the AAP to maintain the spirit with which the party has been formed.

The working committee plans to hold meetings with groups of residents from different walks of life in the millennium city to understand how can they work to support in all difficulties that they face.

All members present articulated that the people face grave delays and difficulties while dealing with various departments including consumer courts, tehsil offices, police and civil hospital among others.

There is no one to support, help, and guide people on how to get their work done without resorting to bribing and using the services of touts.

It was decided that  volunteers should visit all such places and connect with people who go to get their legitimate work done but are made to run from pillar to post.