A middling romantic drama

Darling Krishna and Bhavana in the film 

Kannada (Theatres) 

Director: Nagashekar 

Cast: Darling Krishna, Bhavana, Rishab Shetty 

Rating: 2.5/5 

Director Nagashekar’s first correct decision when he decides to make a film is to team up with Satya Hegde. The seasoned cinematographer has cast his magic once again by making ‘’ a visually sumptuous film.

There is a scene in which lawyer Malavika (Bhavana) opens up about her past to the protagonist in front of a scenic waterfall. While a graceful Bhavana delivers her emotional lines, we gasp at how Satya Hegde turns it into a visual delight.

Malavika is a single mother and takes pride in being independent. But, as it happens in commercial films, logic takes a backseat when her daughter sees Darling Krishna’s character, a steward, and starts to call him her dad.

To keep her daughter happy, Malavika requests him to be around, and offers him a big professional fee. The hero agrees because he wants to fund his sister’s education (a jaded idea).

The convoluted screenplay makes it impossible for us to be invested in the film. Nagashekar’s direction falls flat because he fiddles with his narration to keep us guessing about the film’s ending. The plot also takes needless diversions like Malavika's property issue, a fight sequence and a silly kitty party. 

Preetham Gubbi (of 'Maleyali Jotheyali' fame) is the dialogue writer and one expected a better job from him. The hero, for his largeheartedness, is called Rajkumar of 'Kasturi Nivasa'. That's a ridiculous comparison. 

The film takes a sensible stand on single mothers. It's a welcome change to see Sadhu Kokila not playing a ridiculed comedian for the umpteenth time. But these are small victories. 

Having made intense romantic dramas like ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ (2011) and ‘Mynaa’ (2013), Nagashekar should have worked on building chemistry between the lead actors. He doesn’t dig deep into Malavika’s past either. He depends on songs to take the story forward. As a result, we are emotionally detached from all characters.

Darling Krishna's easy-style acting is likebale. Perhaps after the high of 'Love Mocktail', this isn't the perfect follow up in his career. 

The film's title is based on a twist that isn't anywhere close to shocking. Somehow, '' consistently struggles to be the film it wants to be.