Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Homage to Haridasas

Poornima Kulkarni, who gave a Hindustani vocal recital last week, was initiated into music by Usha Datar and has been groomed by Pandith Basavaraj Rajguru.

She has also received guidance from Pandit Vasant Kanakapur and Kusum Shinde. A gold medalist in both B A and M A, Poornima is an ‘A Grade’ vocalist of Akashvani and an able teacher.

In the current concert, Kulkarni presented songs of different Haridasas like Purandara, Vadiraja, Vijaya Dasaru, Kamalesha Vittala, Gopala Dasaru etc. Based on classical ragas of Hindustani music, she stressed on the meaning of the lyrics and impressively sang “Jaya Jaya Mushika Gamana” (Yaman), which set the pace for a tuneful fare.

The evocative raga Kalavathi was chosen for “Veeneya Nudisida”. “Kunidado Ranga” in Desh, “Palisenna Mathe Durge” in rag Durg – all of which were absorbing. Rag Marva was brief but pleasing, while “Sharanara Surbhoja”, “Eneyaru Ninage Hanumantha Raya” and the popular pada “Kadagola Tharenna” was convincing. Poornima Kulkarni’s rich voice was proof enough to show that she had mastered the art. Vikas Naregal on thabala, Ashwin Valvalkar on harmonium and Sameer on flute – supported with good understanding.

Melodious veena

Internationally acclaimed veena player and president elect of the 45th Musicians Conference of the Karnataka Ganakala Parishat, Suma Sudhindra, chose a number of popular compositions in well-known ragas.

After the invocatory pieces, Suma chose the “Mokshamugalada”, the ever popular keertana. In this composition Saint Tyagaraja says – “The vital force ‘Prana’ and ‘Anala’ (fire) combine to generate Pranava-the Omkara. From that Omkara, the 7 musical notes emerge.” It was prefaced with a short but lilting raga. “Narayana Ninna” was appealing and ‘Jalandara’ was rendered in jet-speed and the ‘Raghuvamsha’ had that popular appeal.

Hindola glowed with some sweet phrases and the familiar krithi “Samajavaragamana” had a well woven swara. She concluded with two devotionals – Tunga Teera Viharam and Jagadoddharana.

It was melodious and pleasing throughout. Nalina Mohan, B C Manjunath and S N Narayana Murthy gave good support on violin, mridanga and ghata, respectively. Both the concerts were held under the aegis of the Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi, Sudhindra Nagara.