Commonwealth fellowship for Nayakwadi

Last Updated 29 October 2010, 16:16 IST

 The Fellowship is awarded to him in recognition of his merit and importance of research project.

He is the only professor from among the south India recommended by the UGC. Usually the commonwealth fellow in allotted to pursue research in any one of the Universities in UK. But in view of his merit talent, he has been allotted to study, in the world-famous Cambridge University. He also work with renowned historian professor Christopher Bayly.

 He has been working in the department of history since 1994. He has fifteen years of teaching experience and about eighteen years research experience.

He has completed a minor research project in 2004. The project was on land relations in Hyderabad, Karnataka; A study of Feudal Heritage, Colonial Intervention and Post - Colonial Reforms (1800-2000)

The three international papers were ‘The concept of Feudalism in Indian Agrarian studies; A historiographical Review; presented at 16th European Conference on Modern South Asian studies, held at Edinburgh University, United Kingdom, in September 2000, and the second was state intermediaries and peasants in Hyderabad state:

A study of Hyderabad- Karnataka Region (1800-1948; a paper presented at the 18th European conference on Modern South Asian studies held at Liand University, Sweden, in July 2004, and ‘Fragmented polity and society in Medieval Karnataka (1500-1761) a paper presented at the 20th European conference on Modern South Asian studies, held Elderburg, Germany, in 2008.

He hails from the Hyderabad-Karnataka region and for the past several years he has been working on various issues pertaining to the same.

He is presently working for post - doctoral on ‘colonialism and Hyderabad Karnataka for which he has been awarded commonwealth fellowship for one year tenable at Cambridge University in united Kingdom.

Substantial information has been collected on this post-doctoral project by visiting various archives in India.

However, before he completes his project he needs to visit and work  in UK to collect some crucial information.

Nayakwadi he did his primary schooling in his native village. Later he pursued his education upto pre-university in Yadagiri. He completed his master degree in history from Gulbarga University. He later pursued M. Philppegree. He was awarded doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) for his thesis on ‘Socio-Political changes in Vijayanagar Empire’. He was appointed as lecturer in the department of History of University of Mysore.

K R Reethesh Kyathagahtta
II yr MCJ, 3rd Semester
University of Mysore.

(Published 29 October 2010, 16:16 IST)

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