AAP demands action against BJP workers for violence

AAP demands action against BJP workers for violence

AAP demands action against BJP workers for violence

After clashes broke out between BJP and AAP workers over the detention of Arvind Kejriwal, his party today demanded action against BJP workers involved in the violence.

"You dont need any permission for non-violent protest. Protesting is a basic right and we were exercising our right and leading a non-violent march", AAP leader Prashant Bhushan said and alleged BJP workers started pelting stones and used sticks and iron rods.

"The BJP workers who indulged in violence should be booked. Video footage should be viewed as those indulging in violence have been captured by cameras," Bhushan told a press conference held late this evening.

Asked what action the police would take against AAP volunteers who indulged in violence, he said "some anti-social elements must have created nuisance. Even if our volunteers indulged in violence, they should be booked," Bhushan said, adding his party was apologetic over the violence by its workers.

Bhushan also alleged BJP spokesperson Nalin Mehta was a part of the mob which attacked AAP workers.

He also demanded the Election Commission look into the matter to avoid further cases of violence ahead of Lok Sabha elections.

"The party will also lodge a complaint with the police on this," Bhushan said.

AAP leader and party candidate from Chandni Chowk Ashutosh accused the police of being partial.

"The police were a mere spectator to the entire incident. Instead of taking action against BJP workers, they arrested Prof Anand Kumar and Rajmohan Gandhi (party's candidate for Northeast and East Delhi) and our women workers.

"Instead of targeting water cannons on BJP workers, they aimed at our workers. They even assaulted our men and one of our volunteers was beaten up in the police lock-up," he charged.