Pawan Kalyan wants Total Revolution

Pawan Kalyan wants Total Revolution

Actor-turned-politician K Chiranjeevi launched Praja Rajyam, failed to make an impact and merged his party with the Congress. He became Union minister and currently in charge of Congress’s Seemandhra election campaign in charge.

His younger brother Pawan Kalyan, also formed a new party Jana Sena recently at a five star convention centre here, and has proved his distracters right by deciding not to contest 2014 elections. He has asked his followers to vote for any party that could build a new capital for the residual state of Andhra Pradesh. He shocked them by announcing that his Jana Sena Party will not be contesting the 2014 elections due to paucity of time. “I don’t want to split anti Congress votes,” he told them. But he was clear in asking his cadre to vote for BJP as he saw a strong leader in Narendra Modi. He recently met NaMo in Ahmadabad.

He recently released the much-publicised book titled “Ism” co-authored by him at the fully packed Indira Priyadarsini Stadium in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam. Pawan longs for a society without fear. But going by the content of the 150-page book, he has devised a long-term action plan that spans 25 years. 

Announcing that the six corners of the star in the party flag indicates six issues that would guide the party which aims at nothing short of a "Total Revolution". "Jana Sena will oppose opportunistic political parties, particularly the Congress, that have divided the state in an undemocratic way. It is time that we bury the Congress," Jagan said amid thunderous applause of his fans.

"Can a mother treat her two children differently, why only people of Telangana call Sonia as mother and not Seemandhra? She is only a politician but not a mother," he said adding that there she would not have carved Telangana in this manner if she had DNA of Mahatma Gandhi in her. "Just adding Gandhi as a suffix won’t make her a Gandhi," he said.

Taking potshots at Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, he said that the ruling Congress has used the CBI to pressure certain leaders to submission, without considering the ramifications of that on the society. “If you support the Congress, the same corrupt person who earned crores illegally becomes legal, and the CBI officer who fought with the powerful will end up in loop line,” Jagan said, probably pointing at former Regional Director of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana who had to wait for months for a posting. 

Giving clarity on contesting elections, Pawan said that he will not be contesting elections till he finds candidates with zeal for social change. Pawan indicates in his book that 2014 elections is not his target, and he has 25-year-target. He called upon only those ready for this long fight, can come and join his party.

While, Chiranjeevi and the family of the mega star might be happy with Pawan’s decision not to fight now, his fans are a disappointed lot as all the anger and pain the bifurcation has caused will go waste and who knows whether the Jana Sena will last longer than the Praja Rajyam.