A regional science centre for City soon

A regional science centre for City soon

A view of the Regional Science Centre coming up in Pilikula. Photo/Author

Institutions like the Regional Science Centres (RSC) functioning in different parts of the country under the National Council of Science Museums, Government of India, have been making an effort to make learning science interesting to the children as well as the adults.

A person from Mangalore would have had to go to Calicut or Mumbai to have a look at Regional Science Centre. With the National Council for Science Museums giving its nod for the construction of a Regional Science Centre at Pilikula, Mangaloreans need not travel to other parts of the country to have a look at the working of science centres and wonders of science through models.

Once the centre comes up, it will become a perfect destination for school children to explore during the summer vacation. The centre will provide a perfect ambience for exploring science through hands-on expositions and experiments. It also facilitates a wide range of activities aimed at inculcating a scientific attitude and temperament, said Pilikula Science Centre Director Dr K V Rao, speaking to City Herald.

The theme

The theme for the Regional Science Centre is biodiversity and emerging technologies in science.

He said the science centre will provide a fascinating place where one can experience and explore a range of scientific things by playing with swings, pulleys, see-saws and many more. It also has moving models. It will have interactive exhibits explaining the scientific principles of mirror optics. Here the visitors can float in air, see their image vanishing, peep into a tunnel of infinite depth and more. The centre will have working exhibits to explain various theorems and phenomena in physics, chemistry, astronomy and environmental science. It will also have a small planetarium and telescope.

Dr Rao says the centre will have audtitorium, training hall, exhibition hall, and so on. The Department of Culture of the Union government has released Rs 4.25 crore. The State has released a sum of Rs 4.25 crore for the project. National Council for Science Museums will be the implementing agency for the Regional Science Centre. The operating agency will be Pilikula Nisargadhama Society.

Dr Rao said that curator and technical staff have already been appointed to the Regional Science Centre based on the guidelines of National Council of Science Museums. In case of necessity, the staff will get training at National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata.

Pilikula Nisargadhama Society Executive Director J R Lobo said that the work on the Regional Science Centre is likely to be completed by next January or February. The civil works are almost getting completed. The models for the Centre are getting ready at Vishweshwariah Industrial and Technological Museum in Bangalore, Delhi and at Kolkata.