DTC conductors refuse Rs 500 note

DTC conductors refuse Rs 500 note

Easy way out

Several conductors of Delhi Transport Corporation refuse to accept Rs 500 currency notes, causing inconvenience to passengers. But DTC conductors claim that instances of passengers passing off fake notes have been on rise and they are the ones to suffer.

They are left with no option but to pay the depots from their own pockets while depositing the day’s fare collection, they say.

“Several such cases have been reported at almost all the depots. It is difficult for conductors to scan through the notes when the bus is crowded. The conductors pay from their pocket, if the notes are found to be fake at the time of deposit. It is safer for the conductors to refuse Rs 500 currency notes,” said a DTC conductor employed with Kalkaji depot.

Conductors deployed at different depots have brought the issue to the notice of concerned depot managers. The conductor added that no special training is given to the them to scan currency botes for authenticity..

When contacted, Senior Manager (PR) said he would respond to the issue only after gathering details from the concerned DTC officials.