Frustrated over not making it to IIT, students became IM terrorists

Frustrated over not making it to IIT, students became IM terrorists

In their bid to induct “fresh talent” into the outfit, the Indian Mujahideen bosses were targeting “educated youths with technical backgrounds”.

Of late, they were looking for youths who could quickly grasp the training in assembling improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and making detonators, circuits and other explosives.

It was during this hunt that they came across Maharuf and Waqar, once touted as “bright students”. According to a Delhi Police Special Cell source, the duo wanted to make it to the prestigious IITs, but failed to get through and settled for other colleges.

This further led to frustration and the youths began taking interest in Jihad.Waqar and Maharuf are among the two IM suspects recently arrested.

The third arrested accused Shakib, a computer expert, also fulfilled the “requirements” of the outfit and was inducted. The terror group also allegedly searched Facebook to find youths who showed interest or “liked” pages on Jihad. 

According to the source, 21-year-old Mohd Waqar Ahmed, a resident of Pali in Rajasthan, had scored 80 per cent marks in his class 10 exams and 75 per cent in class 12.

“He joined a reputed coaching institute in Rajasthan’s Kota to train for the IIT entrance exam, but could not clear any major entrance test. He finally enrolled in the mechanical branch of Global Institute of Technology in Jaipur,” said the source.

The first-year student was befriended by Maharuf, a student at another engineering college, during one of Waqar’s visits to a mosque at Pratapnagar in Jaipur. Frustrated with his career, he allegedly joined the outfit after being persuaded by Maharuf and other members of the outfit. “He says he began faring poorly in his academic career post the meeting and even failed in 16 papers,” the source said.

He was soon introduced to IM co-founders Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal by Waqar and they asked the duo to “avenge” the Gopalgarh riots. The two together rented a flat in Jaipur which was also visited by Tehseen Akhtar alias Monu, the IM chief in India who was recently arrested.

Before coming in touch with the IM members, Maharuf too was a bright student. Son of an executive engineer in Rajasthan Electricity Board, he claims to have scored 94 and 81 per cent marks in class 10 and 12 respectively.

Originally aspiring for the IITs, he too settled for a Computer Science degree from Vivekananda Institute of Technology in Jaipur.

The youths have revealed to that they were brainwashed by Afif Bhatkal, a cousin of Riyaz and Iqbal and the chief recruiter in Pakistan. They were allegedly shown videos to develop interest in Jihad.