Heat, DU admission rush spike DTC's income

The scorching heat this month might be giving a hard time to students and parents running around for DU admissions, but it seems it has brought a windfall for the Delhi Transport Corporation.

The monthly income of DTC buses in the city has witnessed a spike this month, as compared to the last week of May. “With temperatures remaining high this month, the ridership in the air-conditioned buses has witnessed a spike. Moreover, ridership in buses plying on routes catering to Delhi University has also witnessed an increase which is reflected in the daily income,” said a DTC official.  

While, temperatures have soared above 40 degrees this month, sale of forms for correspondence courses began on June 1 and the admission process for regular under-graduate courses began from June 4 in Delhi University.

The daily income of DTC since June 1 has been over Rs 3 crore so far, barring the Sundays in between. The daily revenue was over 3 crore only once (May 28) in the last week of May. 

The corporation has been aiming at increasing its revenue for a long time. The corporation had last year set a target of generating revenue of Rs 100 crore per month. However, the numbers never touched the three figure mark except in July 2011.

“The figures this month has been encouraging and it seems we would touch the 100 crore mark this month,” a DTC official said.

The DTC has reportedly increased its projected loss by over Rs 100 crore for the current fiscal (2012-13) as compared to the last financial year. While the total loss of DTC during the current fiscal is projected to be Rs 704 crore, the total loss last financial year was Rs 603 crore.

* May 31: Rs 2.61 crore
* June 1: Rs 3.02 crore
* June 2: Rs 2.41 crore
* June 3: Rs 3.02 crore
* June 4: Rs 3.33 crore
* June 5: Rs 3.08 crore
* June 7: Rs 3.19 crore
* June 8: Rs 3.23 crore
* June 9: Rs 3.20 crore
* June 11: Rs 3.62 crore
* June 12: Rs 3.42 crore
* June 13: Rs 3.25 crore
* June 14: Rs 3.22 crore
* June 15: Rs 3.18 crore
* June 16: Rs 3.08 cror
* June 17: Rs 2.48 crore

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