No water woes in Udupi this year, thanks to Baje

Last Updated 24 May 2018, 19:13 IST

The present situation at the reservoir in Baje has raised hopes of the municipal administration to supply water without rationing for the next one month, even if it does not rain for during the period.

Udupi City Muncipal Council environment engineer Raghavendra told DH that the season would continue without water scarcity for the residents of Udupi town. Not a single tanker water has been supplied till date as water usage was judiciously managed, despite the decrease in water level everyday before the rains lashed the temple town.

He said that a slight inflow has begun into the reservoir at Baje with the earlier round of showers. There are spells of rain are everyday, although at different intervals. Hence, and with earlier predictions of monsoon, there should be no water shortage in the present summer, said the engineer.


The two reservoirs built for the River Swarna are at Shiroor and Baje. A dam is also built across the river at Mundli near Karkala. The dam is overflowing with the water due to rains, while the reservoir at Baje is experiencing heavy inflow. Currently, the water level at the Baje reservoir is 5.12 metres as against 3.6 metres on May 15 and 16.

He added that water rationing was rarely undertaken in summer and the present system would continue without the alternative system of water supply. The available water is sufficient for more than one month and is possible to provide water everyday to all areas in town.

The low pressure areas were also not deprived of water and received water without complications. The South-west Monsoon is expected to arrive by June 10 and the present water level is sufficient to offer water till June-end. Hence, there won’t be any major problem even if the spell of rain is delayed proving wrong the Meteorological Department’s predications. Until heavy rains begin, the residents in the town will receive pure drinking water as usual, the engineer explained.

Health measures

Elaborating the precautionary measures taken in order to provide health hazard-free atmosphere during monsoon, the official said that massive awareness programmes are organised in all wards to prevent water and vector-borne diseases. He added that people are told not to allow rainwater to get stored in vessels of any form.

Stagnation of water should be prevented to stop breeding of mosquitoes, especially at the onset of monsoon. Also, precautionary measures should be taken against communicable diseases, he added.

(Published 24 May 2018, 18:47 IST)

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