Budget 2019: Govt effort to improve youth skill welcome

Budget 2019: Govt effort to improve youth skill welcome

Mr. Sadiq Sait, Founder and CEO, uLektz Learning Solutions

By Mr. Sadiq Sait

We are pleased with the Government’s effort to increase efforts to improve the skills of our youth in newer areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, etc.

The government’s Kaushal Vikas Yojana is a good initiative for the country’s youth to take up industry-relevant skill training and bodes well with uLektz’s mission to address the crucial issue of unemployment and underemployment.

The proposal of 'Study In India' scheme will further aid the growth of the higher education. Furthermore, to have a television channel exclusively for start-ups, will help to promote entrepreneurship, funding and tax planning. 

One of the main challenges plaguing the start-up industry is the lack of funding. Now, with the government’s initiative to resolve the angel tax issue by removing the scrutiny on start-ups and by extending the period of exemption for capital gains tax,  there would will be good impetus for accelerated growth and hassle-free conduct of business for start-ups in the country.

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(The author of this article is the Founder and CEO of uLektz Learning Solutions)