'Budget drives growth for travel and tourism industry'

By Sharat Dhall

This year’s budget aims to drive robust growth for the travel and tourism industry with the Government committing to strengthening infrastructure and improving accessibility. Through schemes such as Bharatmala, Sagarmala and Udaan as well as the focus on improving railway infrastructure, we expect an increase in travellers exploring newer and hitherto inaccessible destinations in the country. Additionally, the plan for India to enter aircraft financing and opening FDI in the aviation sector will boost the industry with a likely increase in capacity across all routes, both international and domestic. Boosted by Government’s plan to enhance 17 iconic tourism sites into world-class tourist destinations, we expect India to gain a prominent spot in the global tourism map, thus continuing the growth momentous that the industry has been enjoying so far.

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The author is COO(B2C) at Yatra.com

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