'Expect govt to provide migratory data of job seekers'

'Budget 2020: Expect govt to provide migratory data of job seekers across geography'

By Kunal Patil,
PMKVY 2016-2020 has certified about 3 million youth over the last 4 years. The demand for skilled employees is continuously growing in our economy, so we can do a lot more in this direction. We expect an improved version of PMKVY to be launched with a higher budget allocation that last time and a stronger emphasis on the placement of the skilled candidates. That’s where private players can help the candidates by connecting them to opportunities digitally. Govt can help us connecting Skill India trained people with digital recruitment mediums so that startup industry can directly help them.

PMMY ( PMMY - Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana ):Encouragement for the Entrepreneurship is the way to boost jobs in the market. If the government can improve the implementation of the PMMY then more people will join entrepreneurship and they will create jobs.

While distributing the loan government can push for digitisation of the business and help them hiring in the first place by connecting PMMY and PMKVY plan

Government should also connect SMEs with bigger market by means of better transport facilities and internet connectivity.


SMEs in Tier 2-3 cities:

SMEs employ more major segments of the total Indian workforce. Half of the Indian population is employed in this sector. The majority of these businesses need financial security to run business in terms of credit limit and also interest rates on the loan provided. In alignment with India becoming a trillion-dollar economy, SMEs are bound to play a major role in the country’s progress.


We expect the following things from the upcoming budget:

Reduction in sales tax and service tax will increase the confidence of smaller players to take risks and expand the business & Hire more. This will improve their access to finances and a good credit limit.

Digital innovation & product innovation - China has been leading the front in the field of SME innovation and the use of digital channels. It is time India too focuses on the innovation in SMEs to solve grass root problems.

Rural Business Development. A big chunk of the urban workforce is formed by migrants from Rural areas to Urban parts of the country. The government should bring schemes that enable businesses in rural India to hire more people. This will help such migrants find work near their family and cut down on the costs of living away from them in a big city.


Public data for startups:

We would like the govt to provide migratory data of job seekers across geography which will help the startups to design solutions so that people can get jobs in their city only.

Apart from that data like City level count of blue and grey collar candidates and small and medium-sized enterprises will help startups industry to build product.


Tie-Up Opportunity:

An opportunity to tie up with govt regarding govt vacancies and allowed to publicize across


(The writer is Co-Founder, WorkIndia- India)

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