Budget 2020 is a big boost for farmers: Yogesh Mudras

Budget 2020 is a big boost for farmers: Yogesh Mudras

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By Mr. Yogesh Mudras

We are not just upgrading our system but our standard of life as well. Creating a smart meter architecture for a smarter India is the modern vision towards sustainable and comprehensive development. Widespread adoption of smart home and industrial internet of things devices will offer a wide base of a controllable, flexible, load. The announcement of the new scheme of smart meters that will be launched will give freedom to consumers to choose supplier and rate as per their requirement and will bring change as in the recent past, several initiatives have been taken to address the challenges in the power sector.

With the announcement of solar power for farming and fallow lands by extending the Kusum scheme this will further strengthen India’s renewable energy sector. Though the industry witnessed positive installations of capacity last year, the proposed plan will potentially result in 10-15 GW of new capacity generation if it achieved. This will be a big push for farmers and a holistic approach towards the renewable sector. 

(The author is MD for Informa Markets in India)