Remove restrictive laws like mathadi: Yogesh Patel

Remove restrictive laws like mathadi: Mahindra Logistics Ltd

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By Yogesh Patel

“At Mahindra Logistics, we are very delighted to see the attention received from the Government for the logistics sector over last few years. To keep this momentum going and spur it further, we expect an enhanced focus on the sector from the Union Budget. We would urge government to bring fuel under GST. This will help in getting standarisation in the sector and provide cost effectiveness. We also expect Government to simplify the GST administration across, including enabling online real time reconciliation, input credit ability and optimum utilization of credit ledgers. We wish that the Finance Minister ensures Streamline labour laws and remove restrictive laws like mathadi.
Government needs to realign policies. While the changes made in the indirect tax laws are surely appreciated, there is also requirement to iron out the issues that have remained post implementation. These include:

· Fitness certificate for trucks should not be every year but every 3 years for up to 6 years old trucks and after that every 2 years. For new vehicles, it should not be required to be given by    RTO and OEM should issue that
· Factory license norms to be eased – post GST manufacturing foot print needs to change, but procedural delays are impacting the process (CTE, CTO, FL etc)
· Continued focus on cost of logistics and logistics performance index. Specifically, make multimodal logistics a reality

As logistics service provider, we end up creating / utilizing infrastructure across the country. There should be identified geographies, where promoting employment, hiring for skilled / semi skilled manpower is incentivized. MLL is working with CII National Council for Logistics and Department of Logistics for issues of standardization in the logistics industry. This standardization process should be taken on priority by the government”

Yogesh Patel, Chief Finance Officer, Mahindra Logistics Ltd

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