Mahindra holds 'grudge' against Bill Gates: Here's why

Mahindra holds 'grudge' against Bill Gates: Here's why

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Sometimes it evokes a smile or even better, laughter. That's what happened when Anand Mahindra recalled the time he met Bill Gates, during the latter's first trip to India. 

In a series of tweets, Anand Mahindra recently narrated the story of how Bill Gates and he used to be classmates at Harvard College, and when his daughter said, "What a loser you are a dad!"

It all began when a Twitterati named Ramesh Babu shared a black and white picture of Anand Mahindra and Bill Gates that he saw in the Netflix documentary: 'Inside Bill's mind: Decoding Bill Gates'. He asked Anand Mahindra about the topic of discussion between the two. 

Responding to him, Anand Mahindra revealed that the meeting happened in 1997, where a photographer from 'Fortune' magazine was also present. 

He also added that Bill Gates and he started studying at Harvard College in 1973. When Gates came to India, the Microsoft team arranged a meeting between them because Mahindra & Mahindra was one of the first adopters of WindowsNT. "Not because we were classmates," he humourously added. 

In the next tweet, he revealed the interesting story of his 'grudge'. When Bill Gates entered the room, he asked  “So I believe we were at Harvard at the same time?” to which Mahindra said, "Yes, we never met, but I have a grudge against you."

 A calm and composed Bill Gates asked, "Why the grudge?". Anand Mahindra, "My daughter asked which of my college classmates were now famous & when I told her your name, she said: "What a loser you are Dad!’ So thanks to you, I’ll always be a loser to my kids!"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, laughter ensued between the two business magnets.