Men continue to dominate India's public spaces: Report

Men continue to dominate India's public spaces: Report

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As India is heading for Gender equality, and gender parity, gender imbalance in a corporate setting is still prevalent in the country. 

According to a report by the Economic Times, women accounted just for 15.2 per cent of corporate directors in India in 2019.

The report comes after the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) made it compulsory for all the companies to have at least one independent woman directors on board of list of companies, last year. 

India has the third-largest rank in Asia-Pacific countries with 2 per cent women CEOs, and the second-lowest with 1 per cent women CFO's, the report studied.

“Men are performance-driven, number-driven but low on empathy. Treating everything with a filter of rationality does not work. High empathy, high trust, multi-disciplinary ethics — women do this more efficiently,” ET quoted Sairee Chahal, founder, and CEO of Sheroes who is also on the board of Paytm.

According to Chahal, on company boards, a lot of the times the perspective of a woman is not even considered by men.