Industry captains criticise Modi on intolerance

Last Updated : 14 July 2019, 07:39 IST

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, usually seen as a darling of the business community, is seeing criticism from the most unlikely quarter – the business community.

Speaking at the celebration of celebration the 150th anniversary of St Xavier's College, two industry captains – Adi Godrej and Bengaluru-based NR Narayana Murthy – called out the Modi government over intolerance and country deviating from the vision of its fore-founders.

Godrej, after congratulating PM Modi for his grand vision for India, warned that hate crimes and intolerance might impact the economic growth in the country. “It’s not all a rosy picture now. One must not lose sight of the massive impoverishment plaguing our nation which can seriously damage the pace of growth going forward and prevent us from realising our potential,” Godrej warned a gathering of his alma mater St Xavier’s College.

Godrej was endorsed on Twitter by biotech industry tycoon, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, stating: “Rising Intolerance, Hate Crimes Can "Seriously Damage" Growth: Adi Godrej - well spoken. (sic)”

Murthy, broadly known as the founder of India’s tech boom, also said that “what is happening in different parts of the country today.”

He also urged the youth to state bluntly that this was not the country for which our forefathers got freedom.

Many industry insiders say that criticism has come after the recent budget proposed by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, which they see as leftist budget. “We used to support them. But the recent budget has completely disillusioned us,” an industry captain, wishing anonymity, confided to DH.

Industry, marred with consumption slowdown, was expecting a fiscal stimulus from the budget to tide over growth slump.

Published 14 July 2019, 07:32 IST

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