Google Android 12L coming for tablets, foldable phones

Google announces Android 12L for tablets, foldable phones

Google is slated to roll-out Android 12L to eligible foldable phones, tablets and Chromebooks in early 2022.

It's been barely a couple of weeks since Google formally began rolling out the new Android 12 software for mobile phones. Now, the company has announced a new feature drop - Android 12L- with L meaning 'Large' exclusively for tablets, foldable phones, and Chromebooks with wide screens.

Some of the new premium foldable devices slated for next year will come Android 12L out-of-box. Google has also assured that the same 12L update to existed phones with a software update in early 2022.

Google has given a sneak peek at two key features of the Android 12L- refined split experience and optimised user interface for large screen.

Split screen: To make full use of the widescreen, Android 12L includes a new taskbar on large screens that lets users drag and drop an app into split-screen mode and instantly switch apps on the fly.

Google says the Android 12L automatically enables all apps to enter split-screen mode, regardless of whether the apps are resizable or not.

Split-screen for devices with the widescreen panel. Credit: Google

Optimised user-interface: Google has refined the user interface on large screens across notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and more.

On large screens, the notification shade takes advantage of the space by showing Quick Settings and notifications in a new two-column layout.

Two-column layouts show more and are easier to use. Credit: Google

The lock screen also uses a larger two-column layout to highlight notifications and clock, and system apps like Settings are also optimized.

Reference Device definitions. Credit: Google

Also, Google engineers have given focus key interactions such as screen unlocking. For instance,  the lock screen pattern and PIN controls on tablets will be displayed at the side of the screen for easier reach, and users can simply tap the other side of the screen to bring the pin/pattern controls over to that side.

For foldable phones, Android 12L optimises the home screen grid and polishes the fold-unfold transition, so that users will be able to move seamlessly from a single exterior screen to the larger unfolded screen, reinforcing continuity while preserving their choices.

Google in a bid to seek feedback and weed out bugs in Android 12L, will soon release a developer preview to the Lenovo P12 Pro model (here).

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