Budget 2021: 'Need policies that push recycling'

Budget 2021: Govt should adopt policies that encourage recycling, says CEO of Lohum

Representative image. Credit: Pixabay Photo

By Rajat Verma

We believe import substitution is critical if we want e-mobility to be sustainable. Over $5-10 billion can be saved if we produce raw material from recycling. The government should adopt fiscal policies that encourage recycling. Further, we see gaps in the battery ecosystem which is one of the costliest components of EV. Lithium-Ion Batteries need to have a 5% GST regime to normalise them with EVs. Finally, we absolutely appreciate the government's execution of FAME 2 (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles). Subsidies are helping the ecosystem considerably and we would want the government to extend this scheme to 2025.

(The author is founder and CEO at Lohum)