Budget 2021| A helping hand for the farmers

Budget 2021| 'Need to promote carbon credits for farmers which the industries can buy'

Sandeepa Kanitkar. Credit: Kan Biosys Pvt. Ltd

By Sandeepa Kanitkar,

Agriculture was the only activity which was not affected by Covid-19. However, we need to increase the efficiencies in agriculture by increasing the input use efficiencies with respect to fertilizers, seed and water.

Industry and farmers are still awaiting the framing of bio-stimulant guidelines. We also need to promote safe bio pesticides and make them cheaper for farmers. Stubble burning not only destroys the soil but also reduces long term fertility of soil. We propose in situ rice straw incorporation and incentivizing farmers who do not burn stubble and increase carbon sequestration.

A nation which looks after its soil succeeds. We need to promote carbon credits for farmers which the industries can buy. India tops world production of many corps but lacks in productivity. We suggest Making soil testing compulsory before applying for agricultural loan so as to increase the efficiency of farming.

Government to create mechanism of satellite data collection and distribution to farmers via Farmer app so that they can understand the status of their crop. Weather soil and crop status. This data can also be used by insurance companies.

We suggest the following which will help the 1000cr biologics industry which can substantially increase the profitability of farmers. 

1. Reducing the GST on bio pesticides from 18% to 5%

2. Framing the bio stimulant guidelines at the earliest.

3. Encourage the " Make in India " initiative for biologicals by allocating 2000cr for frontline demonstrations in each and every state of India.

4. Encourage chemical fertilizer companies to incorporate the biologics with each and every bag of fertilizer or coat them with compatible biologics.

5. Encourage the seed companies to incorporate the biologics into seed treatment.

6. Guidelines for carbon credits which will promote sustainability in agriculture.

7. Encourage exports of biologics under Make in India and make for the world by giving export incentives in tax.

(The author is the chairperson and MD of Kan Biosys Pvt. Ltd)

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