US VW chief admits knew of emissions problem in 2014

Prosecutors raid company HQ
Last Updated : 08 October 2015, 17:41 IST

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Volkswagen’s US chief revealed he knew more than a year ago that the group’s cars possibly breached pollution rules, as he prepared to apologise on Thursday before Congress over the massive scandal.

In testimony released ahead of his hearing before a congressional committee, Michael Horn offered a “sincere apology” over Volkswagen’s use of a software designed to cheat pollution tests.

The German auto giant sank into the deepest crisis of its history after revealing that it equipped 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide with software that switches the engine to a low-emissions mode during tests.

The so-called defeat devices then turn off pollution controls when the vehicle is on the road, allowing it to spew out harmful levels of toxic gases. The shocking revelations have wiped more than 40 per cent off Volkswagen’s market capitalisation, but the direct and indirect costs are still incalculable as the company risks fines in several countries and possible damages from customers’ lawsuits.

Meanwhile, German prosecutors raided Volkswagen’s headquarters and other offices on Thursday as part of their investigation into the carmaker's rigging of diesel emissions tests.

Prosecutors from Braunschweig, close to the German company's home town of Wolfsburg, said they were targeting documents and data storage devices that might help with their inquiries.

Volkswagen said it was supporting the investigation and had handed over a “comprehensive” range of documents.

Recalls 389 units of Polo

Auto major Volkswagen on Thursday called back 389 Polo models reports DHNS from Mumbai.

In the context of a voluntary safety measure, Volkswagen Passenger Cars in India is calling 389 Polo cars from a single batch of production from the month of September 2015 for inspection and preventive repair of the handbrake mechanism. The Quality Assurance department of Volkswagen India has determined that under certain conditions, the handbrake mechanism would lose effectiveness.

The analysis performed by Volkswagen has shown that a batch of handbrake cable retention levers in the rear brake liner might break under certain conditions. Volkswagen has already identified the cars and has published the repair instructions to the service organisation in India, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said.

Published 08 October 2015, 17:41 IST

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