Carving Ganesha on Balapa slate

Carving Ganesha on Balapa slate

Ganesha idol carved on a Balapa slate.

At a time when artists are engaged in preparing the idol of Ganesha using clay, here is an artist who has carved Ganesha on ‘Balapa slate’ with a wooden frame.

Artist Mahesh Acharya of Marne in Udupi taluk has been preparing something unique during Ganesha festival every year. At a time when the Balapa slates are not much in use, he decided to carve Ganesha on the slate.

After searching the market, he was finally able to get the material and carved Ganesha using it within three days. The Ganesha is carved in a dancing pose.

“One has to be very cautious while carving the slate. The slate is made of a very soft material. A slight carelessness could break the material,” Mahesh said.

Earlier, he had prepared Ganesha idols using vegetables, chalk pieces, soap, thermocol, thermofoam, and other materials. Last year, he had prepared Ganesha using 3,500 ice cream sticks and 750 matchsticks. His name was registered in the India Book of Records for the same.

Mahesh is the son of Sridhar Acharya and Lalitha. After completing SSLC, he underwent training in sculpture at Karkala and has been engaged in sculpture related work.