Baby Jayaprakash finally discharged from hospital

Baby Jayaprakash finally discharged from hospital

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Baby Jayaprakash finally discharged from hospital

Deccan Herald on January 13 had reported about the 18-month-old child, who was admitted with multiple respiratory infections, pneumonia and related complications to St John’s Hospital.

His mother Dhanalakshmi is a domestic help, while the father Padmanabh is a construction worker. After reading the report, help poured in from all quarters enabling the couple pay the final bill of Rs five lakh that was charged by the hospital. A total of nearly Rs 9.5 lakh was raised through donations.

The rest of the money has been deposited in an account in the mother’s name. Dhanalakshmi and Padmanabh have thanked the readers of Deccan Herald who have generously contributed to the child’s treatment.

The ordeal, however is not yet over for Jayaprakash. Though he has been discharged from the hospital, he has a pipe coming out of a small hole made in the throat (tracheostomy) for removing the phlegm that accumulates in his body.

The parents make weekly visits to the hospital and the tube is expected to be surgically removed in 10 days.

Jayaprakash is, however, making good recovery.“He is quite naughty and though he cannot speak, he always makes sounds and now eats well,” the relieved mother said.