3 men thrash, rob techie

3 men thrash, rob techie

In the guise of offering a drop, three unknown men robbed a 44-year-old techie after thrashing him in the intervening night of June 5 and 6.

The victim, Ramesh KP, a resident of Uttarahalli’s BHCS Layout, in his plaint, said he waited for a bus at Banashankari 2nd stage, when a Tata Indica sidled by. Ramesh, who asked for a drop, noticed a man at the passenger seat next to the driver and another in the rear.

As the car reached Shetty Gardenia Hotel, the man seated next to Ramesh asked him how much money he had. Ramesh said he had Rs 500, at which the man punched him on the face and asked him to take out everything he had.

Later, the man in the front passenger seat got into the rear side and brandished a knife to snatch Ramesh’s phone, ATM card and keys. “They struck my brother with the blunt side of the knife when he refused to give him his ATM pin number,” Ramesh’s brother Sathish told DH. The trio drove around until 1.30 am thrashing Ramesh until he gave them his ATM pin. One of them checked the card on an ATM machine and found only Rs 300, which he took. They also took Rs 1,000 Ramesh had and sped away after dumping him near a water tank in Katriguppe.

With the help of passersby, Ramesh called Sathish who took him to the hospital. Banashankari police are on the hunt for Ramesh’s assailants.