Four arrested for killing youth

Four arrested for killing youth

On March 23, city police arrested four men for murdering a youth.

KG Halli police picked up Syed Munir, Syed Shadab, Syed Hidayath and Shohaib Khan. On the night of March 23, the accused brutally attacked Saleemulla Sharif, (27), an employee of AS Engineering Works on Tannery Road.

Sharif, a resident of Venkateshpura was playing loud music during festivities, inconveniencing neighbours. Syed Munir asked him to reduce the volume or switch off the music.

Later, Sharif attacked Munir. After the intervention of a local leader the issue was resolved. However, Munir didn’t forget the incident.

Munir thought Sharif may kill him any day, and decided to kill him instead.

He informed his associates and on March 23, when Sharif was returning home, they pursued and murdered him, the police said.