Man stabs friend 26 times in love triangle

Man stabs friend 26 times in love triangle

A techie has been arrested for stabbing his friend 26 times in a murderous love triangle. Another man was arrested as an accessory to the murder. 

Tejas alias Kariya, 22, became enraged upon learning that his friend Pawan, also 22, was going around with a second-year PUC student he had been trying to court. Pawan, from Huskur Kodi, worked at a private company. 

Tejas decided to have a showdown with Pawan and invited him for a beer party near Hoskote Lake on Sunday. 

An unsuspecting Pawan went to the designated place where Tejas was waiting along with his friend Rajesh, a carpenter by profession. The friends started drinking. After a couple of shots, Tejas asked Pawan to stay away from the girl. Pawan, who was also drunk, refused outrightly. 

Tejas got angry and smashed a beer bottle on Pawan’s head. Then, in a fit of uncontrollable rage, he stabbed him 26 times. To make sure Pawan had died, he slit his throat. The murder emerged on Monday. The Hoskote police tracked down Tejas and Rajesh after checking Pawan’s call detail record.