BBMP prepares the ground for bus priority lane

BBMP prepares the ground for bus priority lane

Officials instal orange-coloured bollards along the Outer Ring Road to demarcate the bus priority lane on Saturday. DH PHOTO/CHIRANJEEVI KULKARNI

As the countdown begins for the trial run of the ambitious bus priority lane, BBMP officials started installing bollards to prepare the road between Silk Board Junction and KR Puram for the project. 

The long-standing demand of the BMTC will be tested on the ground from October 20 onwards when the transporter’s buses will move smoothly along the Outer Ring Road. 

“It was decided to demarcate the priority lanes on the left side of the road, making optimum use of the existing infrastructure. Usually, such lanes are set up in the middle of the road to ensure public transport doesn’t disturb the vehicles on the left or right side that will take a turn at the junctions,” a BBMP official said. 

A BMTC official said the buses would run at a fair interval, ensuring minimal disruption to the traffic turning left at any junction along the ORR. The orange-coloured bollards with reflective tapes will guide traffic during the night as well. 

Another official noted that setting up a dedicated lane in the middle of the road would require more infrastructure such as skywalks to help passengers cross the road. “This is not a dedicated lane but a priority lane. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles will be allowed here,” he explained. 

With the 20-km lane set to be operational next month, the BMTC hopes to see an increase in the average speed of buses from 7-8 kmph to about 20-25 kmph. “Ultimately, it involves convincing people that they would be better off taking the bus rather than getting stuck in the chokepoints of the ORR with their private vehicles,” he said.