BWSSB sells treated water for Rs 360 per tanker

BWSSB sells treated water for Rs 360 per tanker

The BWSSB is presently treating wastewater at four its 16 sewage treatment plants. DH FILE PHOTO

The BWSSB is supplying treated wastewater through its tankers at subsidised rates as part of a campaign to discourage the use of freshwater for non-potable purposes. 

Tankers filled with 6,000 litres of treated wastewater each have started streaming out of the BWSSB’s four sewage treatment plants (STPs) located at Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, Vrushabhavathi Valley and Yelahanka. Each tanker load costs Rs 360, including for secondary and tertiary treated wastewater. 

The BWSSB has urged residents as well as commercial establishments to use the tankers and reduce the dependency on freshwater. 

Treated wastewater can be used for purposes of building construction, cleaning, watering of plants, etc. According to the BWSSB, tertiary treated wastewater is almost equal to potable water, although it’s better not to drink it. 

The BWSSB aims to supply 962.5 MLD of treated water from its 16 sewage treatment plants. It’s already earning about Rs 47.21 lakh a month by supplying treated wastewater from the four STPs. 

Despite the BWSSB’s efforts, however, the public is yet to enthusiastically use treated water. Keeping this in mind, the BWSSB is offering another scheme whereby people can buy treated water at a lower cost. B M Manjunath, Public Relations Officer, BWSSB, told DH: “People can take separate connections from the treatment plant and store the water that can be used for various non-potable purposes. They have to bear the cost of the pipe-laying work. Large apartment complexes, private establishments and IT parks can make use of this scheme.”