4 kids hurt as Bescom contractor damages GAIL pipeline

4 kids hurt as Bescom contractor damages GAIL pipeline

Timely presence of mind and common sense of a electrician has saved the lives of many residents in Muneshwara Block at Naganathapura near Parappana Agrahara on Tuesday evening. The BESCOM contractor had damaged the GAIL’s LPG pipeline and nearly four house damaged and four children injured after it exploded.

A Bescom contractor damaged a GAIL LPG pipeline causing explosions that damaged five houses and injured four children.

Only the presence of mind of an electrician saved many lives in Muneshwara Block in Naganathapura near Parappana Agrahara where the mishap occurred Tuesday evening.

A 10-year-old girl, Gagana Bagappa, suffered serious injuries in the accident, while her brother, 12-year-old Rohan Bagappa, also sustained injuries.

The impact threw Gagana 25 metres in the air and left her with burns on the chest, wrist, stomach and thighs. The intense blast also singed her hair.

The two children were taken to Victoria Hospital for treatment, while their neighbours Induja (4) and Hariharan (2) escaped with minor injuries. The children were playing on the road at the time of the blast.

A senior police official said timely action by the house owner Srinivas (42), an electrician, saved many lives.

When Bescom dug up the road, the leaking gas entered the gutter through the sewage pipe. Smelling the gas, Srinivas removed the cylinder and ran out of the house with his wife and children. The family in the adjacent building was not in station. Soon after Srinivas exited, the house collapsed in the explosion and the impact damaged four adjacent buildings.

Gas leaks on the GAIL pipeline have become alarmingly regular due to negligence of Bescom officials and contractors. GAIL officials pointed out that they have a coordination committee to help other agencies to locate and identify the pipeline while carrying out their work. Bescom goes about with its work without consultation leading to properties being damaged.