Bio filtration to stop odour from processing plants

Bio filtration to stop odour from processing plants

DH file photo of a KCDC worker spraying lemongrass solution on garbage mounds to mask the stench.

Following the high court's directions, the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation (KCDC) has filed a status report on the steps taken to filter out the odour emanating from its processing units.

In the previous hearing, the High Court of Karnataka directed the Palike and KCDC to file the status report, observing that the smell from its processing units is causing health hazards.

The court had asked that the report should contain actions taken such as using advanced technology and local methods to prevent the odour from the KCDC plants and associated health hazards.

The report said the state government has installed bio filtration at the KCDC plants as a pilot project to filter out the odour, following recommendations by Dr Ajith Haridas, chief scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Bio filtration is a successful way to stop the odour.

They also spray organic stimulated liquid to control the smell from the area using nozzles and sprayers. The KCDC has installed Mosquito Management System (traps), quick-bite granules and fly-catcher machines to stop the mosquito menace.

The report — filed by KCDC managing director V N Veerabhadra Swamy — reiterates that the BBMP and KCDC are doing everything possible to control the smell and mosquito issues.