BU experiments with Miyawaki over carbon sequestration

BU experiments with Miyawaki over carbon sequestration

Volunteers at the plantation drive at the bio-park in Bangalore University on Saturday. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Bangalore University has created a research platform in the bio-park on Jnana Bharati campus to encourage and conduct research activities on carbon sequestration.

On Saturday, over 200 plant lovers took part in ‘Miyawaki Forest-2’, a plantation drive, organised at the campus. Over 750 saplings of mixed varieties were planted at the bio-park during the drive.

With this, BU has over 1,250 plants in Miyawaki forest. The event was conducted in association with Faurecia Company. The aim of the research platform is to conduct research activities on carbon sequestration on a serious note and in comparison with the regular mode of planting.

Miyawaki is a technique pioneered and named after Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. This technique helps build dense and native forests. This even ensures that plant growth is 10 times faster and the resulting plantation is 30 times denser than usual regular plantation method. It involves planting dozens of native species in the same area, and after three years there is no need to maintain them.

Speaking about the plantation drive, Prof Renuka Prasad, co-ordinator of the bio-diversity park at BU said: “This is the second sapling drive we have conducted. As there is mixed opinion and reaction about the Miyawaki method, we decided to do it on study purpose. Whoever is interested can conduct research on the same.”