Plan to convert Metro, flyover piers into vertical gardens

Plan to convert Metro, flyover piers into vertical gardens

Citizens backed by private players have come forward to restore Bengaluru’s green cover by utilising the existing infrastructure, starting with metro and flyover piers that have become part of the city’s concrete nightmare.

Plan B is an initiative that seeks to utilise public and private places alike to build vertical gardens. Meena Srinivasan, who heads Plan B, said their first target would be to turn 100 metro or flyover piers eco-friendly.

“We understood that lack of space is a big hindrance to afforestation projects in Bengaluru. But we decided not to give up and continued our efforts. Then it struck me that the city has thousands of hoardings and pillars and they might be the best thing to start with,” she said.

Meena said Plan B was in talks with private and government organisations, including the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), to start collaborating on projects that would bring greenery back to Bengaluru. 

Many professionals, from horticulture specialists to software engineers, have come in support of the initiative. The convener hopes the corporate sector, as well as private companies and persons, will join the force. The Business Network International (BNI), which comprises about 2,000 small and medium enterprises, has extended support to the cause. “We have realised that small players have a big role to play in the initiative. There are thousands of hoardings across the city and we are in talks with advertising agencies to convert parts of their hoardings to support vertical gardens,” Meena added.

Apart from greenery, Plan B also wants to take up initiatives related to sanitation and safety in the city. “Cleanliness encourages people to develop civic responsibility and is connected to other causes we are taking up. There is no shortage of volunteers to back the initiative,” she said.

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