Citizens rally for pourakarmikas’ dues

Citizens rally for pourakarmikas’ dues

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In a unique show of solidarity, citizen activists rallied against the delay in payment of wages to pourakarmikas on Friday

The members of Citizens for Bengaluru (CfB) raised their voice against the BBMP and demanded a complete payment of salaries to pourakarmikas.

About 21 volunteers were seen holding placards in front of the council hall, that read slogans like–”Sambala Sariyagi Kodu Beku”(Proper payment of salaries is a must), “Sambala Kodilla, Kelsa Nilsilla” (The salaries were not paid, yet the work was not stopped). The volunteers met few corporators who had come for the council meeting.

“We have been reading reports on how the civic workers have not been paid for almost six months now. This is a solidarity campaign for the pourakarmikas,” said Srinivas Alavilli, a representative of the Forum. “There is no excuse for the delay in payment. These workers are working for the city and it will come to a standstill if they stop,” he said.

Tara Krishnaswamy of CfB said: “They seem to find money for everything, from pod-taxis to white topping, but take months to solve the outstanding payments to Pourakarmikas. It is a shame that we demand and get a modern, dynamic city with all sorts of high-end facilities, but our minimum wage-workers, who toil daily, are not treated with minimum dignity.”