Citizens run for camaraderie, underprivileged kids

Citizens run for camaraderie, underprivileged kids

Ready steady go

Participants at the Spirit of Wipro run organised in the city on Sunday. Special arrangement.

When the whole city enjoyed its sluggish Sunday conventionally, it was a bit different for hundreds of participants in marathons, who ditched their Sunday affairs and took their family members and friends for a run.

The ‘Spirit of Wipro’ run was organised in 125 cities across 34 countries with a theme ‘We Before Me’, a concept rooted in the spirit of camaraderie. The run is an annual global initiative from the organisation.

In India, the marathon was held in 15 cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata. It was a 21km run in all the cities.

Each year, the proceeds from the run are used towards social causes identified by participants globally.

The run focused on the educational needs of underprivileged children.

Meanwhile, at St Joseph High School, a Pride Run, aimed at spreading awareness on green energy and cyber security for women, saw a good number of participants.

The Karnataka State Commission for Women had organised the event in association with Chronic Foundation.

At the nearby Kantheerava Stadium, Saibisa held a walkathon sending a positive message to children, who have been victims of circumstances as well as those who were abandoned.

The walkathon aimed at spreading awareness on the need to build a secure environment for children.