Creating five corporations is aligned to city’s history

Creating five corporations is aligned to city’s history

Recognising that integration of agencies at the ward level has been a key expectation of the public, the committee on BBMP structuring is yet to find a way to achieve this.

“This would be a considerable challenge, given the varying jurisdictions and the specific internal organisation structures,” a panel member admitted.

“It is unreasonable to expect service providers to reorganise themselves ward-wise, given the operation logistics, infrastructure and costs involved.

Further, wards get delimited from time to time and repeated reorganisation will be a challenge. However, one needs to find a way to have them align their activities at the ward level,” the member said.

Though the committee planned for three corporations, it settled for five as it considered the city’s expansion in 25 years.

They believe the new framework would help in better revenue realisation and coordination in solving the garbage issue.

The city’s restructuring is aligned to its history. While the four corporations share the city’s heritage and history with each of the pillars set up by Kempe Gowda II in the 16th century, located in the corporation limits, Corporation 1 will be centered in Yelahanka where Bengaluru’s founder Kempegowda first set up base.

Made easy for citizens 

Citizens need not visit different offices to file complaints as the issues will be addressed at the ward level.

The ward committee would similarly decide, supervise and audit the desired budget estimate.