DG-IGP warns action against moneylenders

DG-IGP warns action against moneylenders

DG and IGP Neelamani N Raju

The DG and IGP Neelamani N Raju has directed the department to take suo motu cognizance of cases where, moneylenders, pawnbrokers, private financiers and chit funds taking the law into their hands on the pretext of recovering loan.

In a circular, she stated that the police department has decided to enforce the Karnataka Money Lenders Act 1961, the Karnataka Pawnbrokers Act 1961, The Chit Funds Act 1982 and The Karnataka Prohibition of Charging Exorbitant Interest Act 2004.

She has directed the police that the moneylenders, pawnbrokers, chit funds and others should not harass the farmers, agriculture labourers, weaker sections. And if this comes to their notice, they have to initiate action against the harasser.

She stated that the laws should be strictly implemented. If they get any complaint they should take immediate action and if they come to know about such incidents, police should register suo motu complaint and initiate action.

She added that a police helpline would be opened in all the district centres that would function 24/7. PSI would be appointed specially to attend such cases.

The superintendent of police in each district would lead the investigation of such cases and metropolitan cities DCP level officer would supervise the investigation.

She has also directed the police to keep an eye on such money lenders who harass, farmers and the economically weaker section of society.