Dogs attack fawn in Sompura

Dogs attack fawn in Sompura

A five-month-old fawn rescued by the locals.

A pack of stray dogs attacked a fawn in the Turahalli forest shortly after killing two deer on Sunday.

Locals rescued the fawn after three dogs chased it out of the forest around 7 pm near Sompura, Banashankari 6th Stage. Forest officials treated it and released it into the forest. 

Wildlife Warden Prasanna Kumar, involved in the rescue, said: “The fawn is around five months old. First aid was given to the animal.” 

In the past three months, dogs have mauled two deer. A three-year-old deer died after breaking its leg while attempting to evade dogs a month ago. 

Rapid urbanisation around the forest is behind the attacks on wildlife inside the forest. Forest officials have urged the BBMP to come up with a solution to prevent strays from venturing into the forest and attacking the animals. 

Kumar said three roads, including NICE Road, that pass through the forest, had affected wildlife.