Dry bamboo cluster falls over play area in Bal Bhavan

Dry bamboo cluster falls over play area in Bal Bhavan

Dangerous bamboo clusters will be removed immediately, assures horticulture dept

Dry bamboo that fell on the children's play equipment at Bal Bhavan in Cubbon Park on Sunday. DH Photo/S K Dinesh

A cluster of dry bamboo fell over the play area in Bal Bhavan, damaging the area. Authorities claimed there were no children in the area when the cluster fell.

Visitors to Cubbon Park and horticulture department officials were surprised to see the bamboo cluster fallen over the equipment in the play area. "We're aware of the dry bamboo hanging all over the park, but what happened in Bal Bhavan was a shocker. I'll check and get the details," department director Y S Patil told DH.

In May, the department assessed the 200 bamboo clusters in Cubbon Park and said over 60 of them were damaged. They said most of the bamboos were dry and in places like Bal Bhavan, posed a serious danger to the visitors.

Bal Bhavan is located on 12.5 acres of space in Cubbon Park, a prime lung space in Bengaluru, and is spread across 300 acres. Cubbon Park has bamboo clusters that are over 45-60 years. Most of them are dry and dead and pose a danger of falling on visitors.

"This is the first time that the bamboo clusters have dried up and have started falling. We were worried and so were pressing that they be cleared at the earliest, but bureaucratic procedures have delayed the clearing," said a horticulture department official, who did not want to be named.

Patil said they secured permission from the Karnataka Forest Department after protracted wrangling to remove the dry bamboo.

"The dry bamboo will be auctioned and removed on August 20 from Cubbon Park. But in the case of Bal Bhavan, it will be cleared immediately. The department is holding discussions with experts to choose the next best species to plant," Patil added.

He said the department was aware of the sentimental and historic value of bamboo in the park, and assured that bamboo will be a part of the plantation list.

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