Undertrial sends goons to ‘bully’ prisoner’s family

Undertrial sends goons to ‘bully’ prisoner’s family

An undertrial rowdy in central prison sent his outside associates to threaten the family of a fellow prisoner in Subramanyanagar on September 24.

The associates visited the residence of Keshava and asked his son in jail to behave himself.

Keshava filed a police complaint stating that he, his wife Sharadha and a relative were living in fear that the rowdies would come back and attack them.

Keshava –a car driver at the Brigade Apartments- said in his complaint that his son Pramod has two criminal cases at the Chamrajpet and Subramanyanagar police stations. Pramod is currently lodged at the Parappana Agrahara central prisons.

About 8.30 pm on September 24, three youngsters visited Keshava’s house asking for Pramod. When Keshava said Pramod was not in, they issued threats and said Pramod has been rude to their boss Ashok inside the prison. One of them used a weapon to attack Keshav, but Keshav defended it, bolted and locked the front door.  

The young men, identified by Keshava as Sunil, Abhi and Cat, stood outside the door and called their associates to tell them that they need to kill everyone inside.

Using their weapons, they tried to hack open the door, but when Keshav shouted that he was calling the police, they left the place.

Keshava filed his complaint with the Subramanyanagar police, as the youngsters continued to loiter around his house and intimidated the family. Police have taken up a case of attempt to murder but are yet to arrest them.