Fruit prices soar in Bengaluru over Ramzan demand

Fruit prices soar in Bengaluru over Ramzan demand

DH graphic/Ramu M

Even as the month of Ramzan comes to an end, the prices of fruits across the city have skyrocketed.

It is not just that seasonal mango and jackfruit are priced high, even the prices of common fruits consumed daily, especially by children, have soared.

Citizens, already feeling the pinch, want the government to regulate the prices.

Another factor that is affecting the people is that fruits cost more at Hopcoms outlets when compared to the retail market.

While a kilo of apples costs Rs 214 at Hopcoms stores, at the retail market the prices ranges from Rs 184 to Rs 203. The cost of pomegranate also varies at the retail outlets (Rs 109 a kilo) to Hopcoms outlet (Rs 154).

However, the price of chiku (sapota) has dropped from Rs 49 to Rs 42 at Hopcoms outlets. In the retail market, a kilo chiku costs Rs 66 to Rs 72.

“When the prices of fruits increase, it becomes difficult for people, especially the middle class, to afford. It would deprive my children of basic nutrition leading to health concerns,” said Phani Girish, a consumer.

Another consumer, Neha B, said because of the price hike she is forced to limit her purchases.

“Since fruits form a major part of my diet, I am missing out on an important part of my meal,” she said.

The Horticultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society (Hopcoms) maintained that the rise in price was due to festivities.

Hopcoms Managing Director M D Vishwanath said the prices had shot up because of Ramzan, which was normal during the season. He said there were no problems in the production or transport.

However, he was non-committal on the drop in the prices after the festival.

“The costs are unpredictable and nothing can be said at the moment,” he said.