'Gift an Organ' campaign marks World Organ Donation Day

'Gift an Organ' campaign marks World Organ Donation Day

Doctors from multiple hospitals have come together for the cause of organ donation.(From Left to Right 1. Dr. Anand 2. Dr. Vishwanath 3. Dr. Vivek Jawali 4. Dr. KaushikMurali 5. Dr. Olithselvan 6. Dr. Kishore 7. Dr. Bhaskar

Transplant surgeons from various hospitals came together to promote organ donation on the occasion of World Organ Donation Day here on Monday.

The doctors took part in the 'Gift an Organ' campaign to spread awareness on the importance of organ donation. They said a shortage of organs in India was leading to the death of many patients.

A brain-dead person's organs can give a new lease of life to at least nine patients suffering from organ failure, they said. There is a need to promote cadaver or deceased organ donation rather than relying on living donors in order to avoid the risk of commercial trading of organs and also the inherent risk to the health of the living donor, they added.

A curated panel discussion saw transplant specialists discussing many aspects of the issue. They suggested several changes, including the use of technology, to ensure optimum organ retrieval transplant.