Parameshwara asks police to shoot serious criminals

Parameshwara asks police to shoot serious criminals

Home minister G Parameshwara. DH file photo

Home minister G Parameshwara on Saturday warned criminals that the police would not hesitate to use firearms against them to maintain law and order.

Speaking after inaugurating the new police station at DJ Halli, Parameshwara asked the police to shoot at the legs of those involved in serious crimes.

"Earlier, the police would arrest and send the habitual offenders to prison for reformation, but they would come out and continue with their wayward ways, disturbing law and order in the society. So, using arms against anti-social elements has become a necessity," he said.

He advised anti-social elements to mend their ways rather than spend the rest of their lives with a disability and end up paying money to the advocates and the court fighting their cases.