Sand lorries occupying Jnanabharathi parking

Sand lorries occupying Jnanabharathi parking

Sand lorry's being parked at Gynanabharati parking place near Gynabharati campus in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

Students and teachers at the Bangalore University Jnanabharathi campus were shocked to notice a group of sand lorries parked in the varsity’s parking lot for a few weeks.

Since this happens to be the main parking area with designated slots for faculties, students, staff and visitors, the lorries are causing greater inconvenience.

“We don’t know who the lorries belonged to,” said Jaishankar, a student at Jnanabharathi. “Since these are sand Lorries, we informed the Registrar who said he would look into the issue.”

Varsity Registrar BK Ravi said he immediately alerted the Jnanabharathi police, who clarified that the Lorries were seized overnight by the traffic police and have been parked at the varsity on the orders of the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

“I requested them to remove the lorries from the parking lot as soon as possible, but it continues to be there. I’ll once again ask them to remove the vehicles,” Ravi said.

One of the students expressed fear that the police might turn the parking lot into a dump yard.

“Everything starts like this. Varsity authorities should not allow use of the parking space,” he said, requesting anonymity.