Nagpur’s e-autos show Bengaluru the way

Nagpur’s e-autos show Bengaluru the way

e-auto driver, Raju Vittal Pragat in his auto

Can Nagpur’s ubiquitous electric autorickshaws show Bengaluru the way in combating its air pollution challenges, at least in a small way?

Pollution is an everyday reality in Nagpur, where a majority of motorcyclists cover their faces either with a dupatta or kerchief. But the e-autos are everywhere, their basic, frills-free design standing out as an eminent green avatar that Bengaluru could easily replicate.

The State transport department had proposed to introduced 5,000 e-autos in Bengaluru. But nothing much has moved since diesel auto drivers protested and the department chose to review its proposal.

In Nagpur, DH spoke to e-auto driver, Raju Vittal Pragat, whose tribe is growing fast. On charging for six hours, Raju says the vehicle can last for 110 kms. “There are no charging centres yet in Nagpur, but I keep a track of the kilometres remaining. There is an indicator on the dashboard,” he explains.

He keeps it for overnight charging at home. “The top speed is around 20 kmph, but I have managed up to 30-40 kmph,” says Raju, convinced that this is the greenest way forward for Nagpur. It could be for Bengaluru too.