'Don’t leave Vidwath, just kill him': Nalapad urged friends

'Don’t leave Vidwath, just kill him': Nalapad urged friends

Shanthinagar legislator N A Haris's son, Mohammed Haris Nalapad, and his friends ferociously assaulted Vidwath L with a knuckle ring, ice buckets, beer bottles, etc at Farzi Cafe, UB City, the victim said in a statement to the police. 

Police have attached Vidwath's statement to the charge sheet. 

According to Vidwath, he and four friends had gone to the cafe for dinner around 8 pm on February 17. Around 10.30 pm, when they were about to leave, Nalapad's (he didn't know him then) leg brushed against his fractured leg. He told Nalapad: "Brother, kindly watch out and move around." Nalapad suddenly raised his voice and shot back: "You know who I am. I am local MLA N A Haris's son. Who are you to tell me bloody bas***rd? I am Nalapad Haris, you are not at all equal to my shoe. You say sorry and kiss my feet, bloody as*h*le." 

Vidwath responded: "No…! Why should I say sorry? You only hit my leg, I got pain." 

Nalapad asked his friends to teach Vidwath a lesson and then went on to slap Vidwath a few times. "His 10-15 associates joined in the assault and caused me grievous injuries. I was pushed on the floor and they started kicking me. Nalapad said: 'I will show you who I am. if you don't hold my leg and kiss my feet and if you don't say sorry, then I will kill you here only'." 

Vidwath added: "To get away from them, I stood up and pushed Nalapad. But he and his associates threw ice buckets, beer bottles and other things at me. One of them punched me with the knuckle ring in the face, ribs and other parts. I was bleeding and fell to the ground but they kept kicking me and did not spare me." 

Nalapad kept egging his friends on. "'Don't leave him alive, finish him, just kill him.' My friends and bouncers at Farzi Café requested Nalapad to spare me but he asked them to go away." 

Vidwath's friend Kiran and bouncers tried to get him out of the café but Nalapad's associates wouldn't leave him. They brought Vidwath back to the café and kept assaulting him, according to the statement.